Welcome To PPDesigns

We are talented Web & Graphic Design & 3D Game Development team on the Gold Coast.

We understand that everyone has different ideas and needs for their specific business.

As a result we devote our time to extensive discussion with our clients and ensure that the design of their future website is on par with their business identity,

yet offers the best experience to their target customers.


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Just A Little Bit About Us


PETR is a young web designer and games developer who breaths design as much as air. Petr has a proven track record in areas of visual design, user interface interaction, web development, 3D asset modeling, texturing, rigging and animation for games; programming logic and AI for game development.

After completing his Bachelors degree in Communication Design at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), he also went on to complete his Masters at the same Creative Industries faculty in Brisbane. Petr believes in creativity and innovation and in utilizing his knowledge and international expertise in contribution towards fulfilling customer expectations while excelling in providing the highest level of service and design quality.


PAWIDA is a young creative designer who has a keen eye for design and composition. Pawida’s work is more focussed on Front-End Web Design, and all print design.

After completing her Masters degree in Interactive and Visual Design at the Queensland University Of Technology (QUT), Pawida began utilizing her design passion and expertise in projects for the local Brisbane market. Her work included designs for non-profit sectors as well as commercial businesses and associations.Following the success, Pawida began expanding her client base by extending her services to international customers.